Ukitig (founded in 1982) is well known as a reliable and versatile supplier not to speak of products of high quality such as manufacturing industrial pipings and machine installations. The services have been extended also to area of maintenance works.

Our agency is in Uusikaupunki, where we have our head office and the industrial hall premises of over 2000 m2. The company staff is about 50 and the annual turnover of 6 M€.


Ukitig is specialized especially to demanding industrial pipings among forest industry, food and medicine industry, energy industry and water treatment plants. We’ll do installations and weldings for demanding pipings with e.g. dublex-, carbon and heat resisting steels in addition to normal glossy and black steel.

In addition TIG and MAG and manual metal arc welding as welding methods Orbital-welding is used. Orbital-welding is used to meet high cleanliness or very challenging joint shape requirements.

Ukitig provides also special pipings and instrumenting for example to paper- and board machines as well as hydraulics and pneumatics.

Ukitig is well known as a reliable and versatile supplier not to speak of products of high quality.

The Range of Activities

The company operates both at home and abroad. Our foreign projects are primarily in Central and Southern Europe and Scandinavian countries. The foreign share of the turnover is about 30 %.


Ukitig is applying SFS-EN ISO 9001 as quality system and also SFS-EN ISO 3834-2 as welding quality system. All our welders are qualified with proficiency tests according to SFS-EN 287-1. Inspecta Certification has granted this certificate as proof that the quality system of Ukitig complies with the requirements of the standard: ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 3834-2:2005.

During the execution of customer projects we’ll take care of necessary documentation in the professional manner guaranteeing first class end result for the customer.

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